1.  The Ingredients

Check the ingredients on the back of of the bottle, it should say 100% Organic / Pure Argan Oil.  If there are any other ingredients included it is likely that the oil has been heavily diluted. 

2.   The Bottle

Check that the Argan Oil is stored in a very dark or opaque bottle to reduce exposure to light. Visible light accelerates the molecular decomposition of Argan Oil and thus reducing its beneficial properties.  Argan Oil that is sold in clear or plastic bottles should be avoided.

Al Asyl uses new violet glass technology to store all its products. This type of glass acts as a natural filter allowing only the violet spectrum of sunlight inside the bottles. This method of storage is highly effective at preserving the organic ingredients from light.

3.   The Price

The extraction of Argan oil is a difficult and lengthy process, it takes approximately 16 hours of manual labour and 35kg of Argan nuts to produce 1 litre of Pure Argan Oil. Therefore, pure genuine Argan Oil will always be sold at a premium. However, the most expensive oil is not necessarily the best, brands tend to increase prices with the help of marketing and packaging.

4.   The Scent

The smell of Pure Argan Oil can vary slightly in strength depending on the season and region it was grown.  However, Argan Oil usually tends to have a unique and subtle nutty aroma. If the Argan Oil has no smell it has either been deodorised, excessively refined or diluted with another substance. All three of which will reduce the natural healing benefits of the Argan Oil.

If you come across Argan Oil with a smell very different from that described above, then ingredients are likely to have been added during manufacture. 

5.   The Texture

The texture of Argan Oil should be light, non-greasy and smooth. It should be easily absorbed into your hair and skin with any evidence of the oil disappearing immediately. Avoid any product that has a slimy, sticky or watery texture. These products are usually silicon based and provide no real nourishment to the skin or hair.  Pure Argan Oil is a natural ingredient that will never sting or irritate your skin.