Al Asyl Collaborates with Argan Care

  • Argan Care is passionate about protecting the Argan forest from going extinct. Every year about 20% of the forest disappears
  • We have a major reforestation project going on in an area that spans over 20 hectares, or 40 football fields
  • We plant and trim trees to become income-generating trees for the local people  

How we do it

  • Only local people are involved to assure community ownership of the project
  • The locals plant trees on their own land, assuring they can benefit from the trees in generations to come
  • We facilitate and conduct trainings, workshops and assistance throughout the whole process

Why it’s important

  • The Argan tree protects the Sahara desert from spreading
  • Millions of people, directly and indirectly, have their livelihood based on Argan trees
  • The tree is extremely important to the life of millions of plant- and animal species in the region
  • The Argan tree produces materials that, through scientific research, has shown to help fight several human diseases

Women and education in focus

  • Women’s cooperatives are located in almost every community within the forest, allowing women to actively participate in the workforce
  • Aragn Care provides training at women’s cooperatives in literacy, management, marketing, manufacturing and development of new products.
  • Most of the women have not had the opportunity to receive proper education due to a lack of schooling in the area.


    Please visit to donate funds to the Argan Care project. Your money will be used to:

    • Purchasing seedlings to be planted by locals under the trainings and follow-up by our expert team in Morocco
    • Literacy teacher and training in marketing and business strategies at women’s Argan oil cooperatives in the area


     Benedicte, Founder, Argan Care