Argan Oil, Fact & Fiction

Argan Oil has amazing properties for the hair & skin 

Argan Oil has amazing benefits for the hair and skin. It is clinically proven to rejuvenate mature skin, keep your skin super soft and supple, protect collagen and fight off free radicals. It also helps reduce any signs of fine lines, wrinklesage spots or acne scaring. This is all due to the high concentration of tocopherols (Vitamin E), fatty acids, sterol molecules and antioxidants that cannot be found in other plant-derived oils. Many hair problems, such as, dry, rough, frizzy, dull, and shine-lacking hair can also be solved with regular use of this wonderful oil also known as 'Liquid Gold'.


Cosmetic Argan Oil products sold in the market are not always what they appear to be...

”Double the amount of oil is exported from Morocco each year than the trees could actually produce,” - Financial Times, 2014

The vast majority of Argan Oil products in the market are either heavily diluted with synthetic additives or cheaper substitute oils. This is usually disguised using clever marketing tactics by cosmetic companies who use key words, such as, "Moroccan Oil" or "Argan Oil" to describe their products. The reality is that these products contain only a very small percentage of Argan Oil. In some cases less than 3%. We encourage consumers to be more diligent and always read the ingredients of any products that they are looking to purchase, and not take the label at face value.

Argan Oil should be stored in dark glass bottles to preserve its natural healing properties from harmful light. We advise anyone wanting to purchase good quality Argan Oil to be aware of it being sold in transparent bottles, particularly plastic. Click below here to read our 5 checks for Argan Oil quality.




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